Stegner Instruments stands for modern drumbuilding with high quality materials and decades of experience

With our latest brand "Stegner Instruments" we present highly limited drums made from the most high quality materials. The first four instruments from the series "A01" are now available for a reduced introduction price! More drums with different sizes, metalparts and finishes are already being planned for the future.



The ST-lugs are made of chrome-covered brass, which gives an open, brilliant sound.

The snare strainer is the worldfamous Trick multistep which enables the player to set the snarewire-tension in three stages and thus offers lots of flexibility.

The first four snares of the A01 series got ultra-strong diecast-hoops on them for a big sound that is easy to tune.


All the drums are based on the exclusive BE-BI-BE-shells, where a core of birch plywood is laminated between multiple layers of beech plywood thus giving you the perfect marriage between the specific sound qualities of both woods.

The high quality shells are produced in Germany out of German beechwood and birch from the EU.

The series A01 is offered in sizes 14x5.5" and 14x8".

The customer can choose between a shell-thickness of 6mm for a rich and low or 10mm for a loud projecting sound.

The reliable 45° bearing edge with a rounded outside will bring you a nice balance between brilliance and warmth.

Isolater gaskets

All the metalparts are mounted (inside and outside) with exclusive isolater rubber gaskets, to avoid any contact between metal and wood.

The badges and throwoff have additional black leather gaskets under them.

Wood veneer

You can choose between bright olive or dark macassar?

These decorative veneer sheets on the interior and exterior of the shells remind of the golden era of German drumbuilding and will be a great match for every drumset!

Limited edition

On the shell interior, you can find information about the production date, serial number and the number of drums produced in that series.

The series A01 - limited to 10 snares - is the beginning of the new brand "Stegner Instruments".

Stegner Instruments