Tips and tricks

Below, you can find tips and tricks about drumbuilding. Simply click on any picture and the download will start.

Drum wrap information

How to cover a tomtom

How to cover a bassdrum

How to cover a set

About 3M glue

About Pattex

How to cover stripes

How to cover bassdrum hoops

Remove old wrap

Remove old glue

Renew vintage hardware

Repairing a bracket - coming soon

About threads

Missing T-rods on a bassdrum

Make screws shorter

Install eyelets

Please check also the video:

Install Gretsch eyelets

Please check also the video:

Remove badges

Which oil can I use for a wooden shell?

Oils and their quality

Colour your shell with shoe polish

How do I use Nickel strainers the right way?

Closing holes in wrap

How can I apply the bassdrum stickers?

Strainer adapter and rail

Drum connections and sizes

SONOR vintage tuning key adapter

SONOR Snare D426

SONOR Swinger Snare

SONOR Signature Snare

SONOR Hilite lugs modification

SONOR Swinger lugs with M6 screws

SONOR vintage lugs with M6 screws

SONOR teardrop lugs

SONOR Signature lugs repair

SONOR Lite strainer repair

SONOR bassdrum feet extender

SONOR tuning key for vintage drums

SONOR vintage set refurbish

SONOR bracket - thread repair

SONOR screws for brackets

SONOR Signature bassdrum bracket repair