bearing edge

from €29.83


Service: new bearing edge

Please choose in the dropdown menu if you want us to cut both sides of the shell, or only one side.

Our standard bearing edge is 45° roundover.

If you prefer a different bearing edge, please let us know in the comment box at the end of the order or in a separate email (

bearing edge options we offer:

-rounded from the outside (G-style)

-rounded both sides (baseball bat)

-30° roundover

-30° both sides

-45° roundover

-45° both sides

-60° roundover

-60° both sides

(the repair of an existing bearing edge will cost the same price as cutting a completely new bearing edge)

Please note that all of our shells - bought here online from us - do normally already have bearing edges (if not mentioned otherwise).
So there is no need to order this item once more.