Snare-building set 14x6" acrylic white

190.00 €

99.00 €

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Snare-building set 14x6" acrylic white

consisting of

  • 14x6" acrylic shell white, incl. bearing edges and snarebed
  • 8x Aria snare lugs
  • 16x 7/32" tensionrods
  • 72cr strainer
  • 233R buttend
  • AV2CR airvent
  • STHEAD14CW batterhead white coated
  • STHEAD14R resonance head
  • SN1420S snarewire
  • 14", 8-hole hoops, chrome
  • snare layout map for drilling

Special price of 99.- € without drilling!

If you want us to drill it for its hardware, please order "Drilling" for snare in the category "Service".

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