About us

In the Summer of 1995, Gerd Stegner found an old Trixon drumset in very bad condition. In Germany, he could not get any new coverings because the manufacturers closed years ago. So he spent a lot of time and money on telephone calls until he found a source for the parts he needed. He restored this Trixon drumset in "Sky blue Pearl" and played it for while. Many drummers asked him about his new drumset and an idea was born: "When I need such things, why don't sell the stuff to other drummers and collectors?" So the company started with coverings. Later Keller drumshells and hardware were the next things in the store.

Now we have all the parts you need to build your drum. We also restore and repair vintage or newer drums. And of course, we build custom drums and snares how you want it.

St drums GmbH

Michaela, Jonas and Colin Stegner

Emil K├Âmmerling Strasse 1a

66954 Pirmasens Germany


Tel: 0049/(0) 6331 142745

Fax: 0049/(0) 6331 216278

Email: sales@stdrums.de

Business hours:

monday - friday: 8:30 - 17:00 o'clock

If you need an extra appointment besides the regular opening times, please contact us ( also for saturday on request).